Nothing satisfies but I’m getting close Closer to the prize at the end of the rope..

Workout Saturday August 25th

So, after a 12 week hiatus (maybe more actually) Conor said I could deadlift today, told me last night so I was a bit excited this morning. Had a whopper breakfast and after consulting with Dave I prob ate a bit too much but shure you will have that I suppose! I just wanted to be ready to lift heavy for the first time in an age! So I fuelled up with almonds, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and apple and some peanutbutter washed down with tea and coffee then en route to the gym.

Was feeling good, had a nice rehabby stretch warm up and dove straight into it


40 x 5, 50 x 5, 60 x 3, 70 x 2, 75 x 1

Apparantly, Conor said I squatted the first reps, form improved when I got to 60 but I was mortified. My deadlift has never ever been an issue, technique has always been solid as a rock so I nearly lost the plot with him when he said this to me. On a positive note, there was WAY more in the tank after that 75, deffo could have equalled my all time PR of 80 for 1. My problem/weakness has always been breaking the bar off the ground, but not today, my sticking point is about a third of the way up my shins but then the glutes kick in and I drive my hips through and bam it’s a really strong finish.

Conor also said on the lighter (40/50) sets my lower back was rounding a  bit, I didn’t even notice and I didnt even feel any pain so it’s all good. I’m really really happy with how that went, some of my RDLs in training which is a pitifullly light weight for me have felt heavy recently, but I’m actually putting that down to the ridiculous heat we have had at late which makes lifting heavy a total nightmare. I will take a cold gym and some underarmour ANY day over being a sweaty mess in bajillion degree silly heat.

Weighed myself and I’m still at 70KGS and given thats not true weight I’m probably 68/69.9 or something in that case. Had a lil diet consultation with Dave, he reckons some more steady state cardio and nail the kcal intake and I should break through and continue with the weight loss, even though I have plateaued lately he gave me some pointers so the next 5 weeks are going to be interesting, not only that but I bought a 16KG kettlebell during the week! woo! Image

So my “rest” days are now going to incorporate kettlebell swings and snatches. I suck at both of these so this will be interesting! If i manage not to smash up m wrist I shall be a happy camper! Also the next 5 weeks are probably the busiest time of year in my job, lots of overtime (unavoidable) and running around, so nailing the diet is going to be tough along with rigorous training so I’m really thankful I have the kb at home so I can get something done on those evenings where making it to the gym, just might not be possible. I also can’t even do a full rom push up (for.shame) so this is another mini goal for me. Along with the wall-handstand/pushups these are things I can work on at home for the next while. Going to be changing my benching days to a Saturday and will be deadlifting every second weekend from now on.

Anyway…rest of my workout went like this

Balancing on a kettlebell with one foot x 2

Watching Dave and Conor do planches, pistols and wall hand stands x 10

DB Row 10KG x 6 e/s

Russian twist w 5KG plate x 10 x 2

Walked back into town.


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