Workout Saturday June 2nd


Trained in RAW today. 

Quick Warmup, they don’t have quite the same selection of bands that Ironside have so hip rehab was not what it usually is. Right hip isnt externally rotating without pain at the moment which I’m quite displeased with given how much rest it’s been getting lately. 

Bench – Thought I was using a 20 bar until Conor told me it was a 17.5…GRRRRR

17.5 x 8, 17.5 x 5, 20 x 5, 22.5 x 5, 25 x 3, 27.5 x 1


30 x 5,5

40 x 5,5

50 x 5

60 x 3

Kettlebell Swings 16KG 

Wasnt counting, the main aim was to prove I could swing with a 16KG KB (because Im thinking about buying one to keep in the house) and Conor was trying to help me improve my technique which is at the moment quite frankly awful. 



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