Sleepy-Dreamy-Nighty-Snoozy- Snooze

I love my sleep, but the quality can sometimes be very poor, so came across these and I am going to try and implement them in the hope of mproving my sleep quality!



1. Use black out curtains and sleep in a pitch black room


2. Stop looking at back-lit screens at LEAST two hours prior to going to sleep. That is NO tv, NO computer, NO ipad, NO smart phone.

Instead read, walk, listen, or talk… to someone – especially if that someone is your significant other – see end of post


3. Whatever caffeine you consumed on average per day last week, this week…. halve it


4. Try and stop caffeine consumption within 4-5 hours of waking up, for most people, a simple rule of thumb is stop by midday. whatever you time you set, STICK to eat each day


5. Try and go to bed at the same time each night this week


6. Don’t stuff yourself with a big meal inside 2 hours of sleeping, this can cause sleep disturbances and potentially mess with growth hormone release during sleep


7. By the same taken, avoid alcohol, it not totally, then at least two hours prior to bed


8. And the best one: try and wake up WITHOUT an alarm, every chance you can. If this means you have to go to bed earlier…. then what is your body telling you???


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