5 Movements 1 Lifetime

1.Deadlift: Without a doubt, would never give this up ever.

2.Squat: Like others, I’m going to cheat and say front and back,split etc. I never thought I would have put this on my .list but until I fucked my hip and couldnt squat I realised how much I missed it.

3.Prowler: One of my happiest memories is sticking 80KGs on one of those bad boys and pushing it a certain distance (don’t ask me, Im crap at judging length.space, meters etc) think I did 10 in…Jesus I can’t even remember the time now or was it 13 times under 15 minutes. Anyway I felt like I was on drugs for the rest of the day, best feeling in the world after pushing the prowler.

4.Bench: Maybe if I got stuck with this I might actually get good at it! ha ha!

5. Power Clean: Friend of mine said I should be strong before I attempt to get anyone to teach me this lift but I have attempted them a couple of times before and I think it’s one I will look forward to sinking my teeth in to.


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